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Forklift Training

Specialised career building forklift training

  • Learn how to do industrial safety inspections of your forklift.
  • Handling and transporting hazardous loads safely.
  • How to use personal protective equipment while handing a forklift.
  • How to follow industrial hygiene standards.
  • Preventing injuries, trips and falls.
  • Understanding and implementing the industrial laws.
  • Risk assessment and much more.

We take pride in the fact that our forklift training is designed to build rewarding careers for people who are willing to put in the effort. We start off by introducing the trainees to the equipment and limitations so they train in a safe environment without any hazardous materials. As the forklift training progresses, the trainees become much more indulged in the interesting handling of the machinery.

Find out the training that suits you best

We are offering various kinds of forklift training. Some of them are explained below:

  • Novice forklift training

    – we recommend you to go for our novice forklift training if you are new to the industry and subject. With the extensiveness of this course you will be able to learn the basics and intermediate skills of handling a forklift safely within the workplace.

  • Refresher forklift training

    – this type of forklift training is recommended when you are already working as a forklift operator and your employer wants you to undergo the refresher forklift training to ensure the safety of others and yourself.

  • Counterbalance forklift training

    – if you are interested in operating the most common type of forklift in the UK then the counterbalance forklift training is for you. This kind of forklift is amazing at balancing loads perfectly.

  • Reach truck training

    – this more compact and efficient form of forklift only moves further once the load is properly secured and you are ready to move. It’s great for warehouses and smaller places where higher stacking is required.

Get in touch today and avail our funding option

Waiting is losing golden chances of having a rewarding career. We have kept our forklift training on competitive rates. Most of our students are able to afford our training but if in case you lack the funds then you can avail our 0% interest rate funding option to start training right away and pay later once you are done. Call today for a strong career tomorrow. We value your time and effort and we try not to let it all go in vain.